Manifesting Your Ex Back With Thoughts & Emotions

So what is the deal with manifesting?

Is it your thoughts that create, or is it your feelings, or both?

Well there is no correct answer or no hard an fast rule. What you experience and how you manifest is purely up to you!

The best advice I learnt when I was trying to manifest a lover back was from this website. The advice being, that if something felt good for you, it is the right path. But what feels right to you, may not feel right to someone else.

Thought, Emotions, Or Both?

Thoughts And Emotions

I can only go from my experience, but what has worked out the best for me, is to aim for the feelings/emotions that you’re looking for. Thoughts are a tool simply to help you create that emotion.

I have struggled with getting my head around manifestation for years, and for years I kept trying to think positive thoughts. I had some success, but not without a lot of trouble.

Then I discovered the Abraham-Hicks work, combined with the wonderful Calm Down Mind website, and everything became a lot clearer.

I came to realize that thoughts are simply a manifestation too! This was a massive breaking point in understanding for me.

My thoughts are a manifestation of my inner vibration. Yes my thoughts will respond to things happening externally, but only in the context of my perspective and vibration.

So naturally something “negative” would happen in my life. Instantly I would desire something else in that very moment.

Yet if I tried to keep my mind on that which I desired, it was a real struggle!

I would for ever be thinking about what I don’t want, and thinking about what I do want from the mindset of not having it yet. So guess what, the law of attraction gave me more of that.

On top of that, the momentum and intensity of my thoughts and emotions were too strong. So my mind would run off into a negative story, along with my emotions. This would overwhelm my awareness, and I would not even be conscious of what I was thinking.

It was all just happening.

So I took the time to build my awareness, and allow the momentum of my mind to die down. This allowed me to then stay conscious of my thinking, and allow me to work with my thoughts.

Think about it … how many times have you been trying to implement a new manifesting technique into your life, but you always forget to do it! You find yourself too wrapped up in your mind and the negative reality in front of you.

So with the ability to work with my thoughts, I started diving further into the Abraham teachings.

I realized this was all about vibration, which was responding to our feelings.

This when every aspect of my life turned around. Everything in my life become simply awesome!

So for example, if I wanted to lose weight, I couldn’t just say affirmations or permanently think of myself as thin. My reality, mind and emotions just wouldn’t let me make that jump.

So I needed to sooth my feelings and emotions on the topic. This is how you change your vibrations, then your thoughts, then ultimately your reality.

You do this by making peace with where you are. You find the positive aspects of where you are now, and build from there. In each moment you gently shift into better and better feeling thoughts. You keep telling a better feeling story about your weight, bit by bit.

Because when you’re feeling good, you’re aligned with your inner being and your desire.

Each day you find you will feel a little better, then more positive thoughts will come in. Suddenly you find yourself excited and bursting with energy to go and do some exercise. Your dietary choices improve naturally.

Suddenly you have released a ton of weight. The process was fast, simple and fun.

This is conscious creating at its best!

SO … In my opinion, it goes vibration -> feelings/emotions -> thoughts.

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