Why Do Men Pull Away When They’re Falling In Love?

Relationships can be so complicated, especially for the woman who doesn’t understand men. Everything seems to be going along smoothly when suddenly, he begins to pull away.

In an effort to hang on to him, she will make every effort to draw him closer which will stifle him and may make matters more complicated.

The truth here isn’t that when men pull away, he’s falling in love, and he’s analyzing every angle to see if this is really where he wants to be.

Along with love, comes a lot of responsibility. Men are supposed to support women and love her through thick and thin. It can be heart-wrenching for her to feel like she’s in limbo and no amount of explaining this to him is going to help in fact, it can actually make it worse.

Suddenly, he is feeling suffocated and panics and may run. The trick here is for her to simply back off and wait quietly.

Of course, that’s a lot easier said than done. It’s not easy at all. But, when he suddenly feels that she is pulling back, he’s going to suddenly make his move to keep her.

Why Do Men Pull Away

It’s all very irrational from her point of view, but from his, it’s vital to allowing him to “make his move.” All of this fear he has is subconscious. He feels like “forever” may be a ball and chain that he drags around.

The trick she has to use is to show him that she’s okay if he pulls back (of course it hurts but don’t let on). Take some time for you and give him the space to make the adjustments that will give you a relationship that truly lasts.

He’s not really giving up anything but to him; he is giving up everything. His life of freewheeling and doing what he wants when he wants will be over once he takes the steps to make that commitment.

Sometimes, he will pull so far away you’ll decide to move on. Don’t worry, if this happens, it either wasn’t meant to be, or he’ll be back post haste. Either way, you owe it to yourself to not pine over him but to make it look as if you’re okay without him.

This will motivate him so be prepared to take him back as your phone should be ringing quickly. If your life paths are different, face it and move on, however, if they are along the same trajectory, you’re going to have to be patient.

Men don’t see things as women do and what they perceive as “forever” may make them feel boxed in. Think outside of the box and focus on happiness and he will want you forever.

Remember this; he needs to be needed. He needs to be wanted, but you can’t suffocate him by being too needy. It’s a delicate balance at best, but if you weather it right, you’re going to have the man of your dreams.

How To Attract The Perfect Partner

autumn fall lovers together looking horizon

Is it wrong to seek perfection when looking for a lover?

In my opinion, it’s not wrong at all. Because we all have a different idea of perfect.

For most ordinary people, perfect doesn’t mean a stunning male or female model.

Most people just want someone compatible with them.

Somebody who can make you happy.

So yes I think it’s perfectly alright to seek the perfect person for YOU.

This means that you have to know what you want in a partner. You can choose what perfect means for you.

Perfect to you may be someone who is an intelligent intellectual, but also has a love of the outdoors.

For another person, it may be a music lover who is a foodie. It could be anything really.

Many of you will have certain physical characteristics, that are a must in an ideal partner.

But as you change over time, you will find this less important.

So How Do You Meet This Perfect Lover?

Well, its simple.

You know you desire to meet someone with common interests, and a common outlook on life.

So you need to put yourself into situations with other like-minded people.

Maybe your really into mountain biking. Then you need to surround yourself with other mountain bikers. Join a group that goes on rides together. You could very well, meet the man or woman of your dreams.

It is simple; we always interact with people with common interests.

Bringing A Metaphysical Approach:

For some of you who have a spiritual interest like me. You may be a practitioner of the law of attraction.

I view reality as a mirror. We are constantly having our beliefs reflected back on us.

So we will attract people into our lives like us. So why not use the law of attraction to attract the perfect mate?

For many of you, you may be wondering if you can use the law of attraction to attract a specific person already in your life. Make sure you check out this article to find out more.


Or check out this video discussing the possibility here.

But it makes sense doesn’t it?

Think of all the people in your life? They reflect a part of yourself if you’re truly honest.

Think of all the people in successful relationships in your life. They all are very similar in many respects, and most likely met as a result of friends or common interests.

It’s food for thought.

Just remember, it is ok to seek perfection … YOUR idea of perfection!